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A Visit to Mini Italy

Yesterday we set out to visit the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel for a romantic evening and dinner. Not really in Italy but the feeling of being there is truly amazing. 
Loews Portofino Bay Hotel - Universal Orlando Resort

I had originally planned to go all out for the Father's Day occasion and throw on a pair of pumps, but let's face it. My feet hurt!

We walked a lot in the theme park earlier in the day and I almost passed out from heat stroke. By the time we got around to dinner my feet were sore so I alternated my pumps for my Converse sandals and it worked out great.
Keeping it Simple & Cute

I tossed on a dress from the H&M Conscious Collection, a black sweater to balance out the colors and voila. Not too shabby and not too prissy. Did I mention the cute little updo on my hair. I received tons of compliments on the look.
Do What Works for You
Dinner turned out fabulous! 
Fun at the Harbor


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