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Some Good Things Must Come to an End.

So I'm sitting here thinking about how super awesomely amazeballs this vacation has been! How fast a week goes by. I am thankful for the week away from New York City. I guess some good things must come to an end though. It's back to work and reality for us.
Gryffindor and Pink Floyd. Oh my!

Orlando has been kind, despite the sporadic rain showers here and there.
Those Clouds...
I tried to enjoy some of my last day frolicking in the pool at Hard Rock. Once again I was terrified of the chlorine but did a good job with deep conditioning my hair in the shower after the fun in the pool.
Oh YES, I deep conditioned!
I got a serious tan. Seriously! You really don't want to see that. >_<. ..

All in all we had a great time. I had a wonderful time taking scenic photos this go around instead of people photos. We really wanted to give ourselves some privacy. With social media, it just seems like there is no such thing these days and I've been very selective. 

LAST but not least, I am praying for a safe journey back to New York City tomorrow. Chao folks. Going to enjoy the rest of this night. It's been fun!


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