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Where Art Thou Fall?

Heat Wave! That's exactly what's happening here in New York City. It feels like 105 degrees outside. Begs me to ask the question: 

Where Art Thou Fall???
Fall is that You?
Seriously, I'm over Summer already. Summer is okay but not my favorite season although many folks are under the crazed delusion that it is. Don't get me wrong, some days are super and I can appreciate a nice sunny day when it's not so humid. Plus vacations are always fun. I always get cheated out of Spring here on the East Coast of the States so the next best thing is FALL - which happens to be my favorite season. I like to wear jackets and sweaters or a snazzy beanie hat if I feel like it. Jeans and a hot pair of boots never hurt anyone either!  If creepers are your thing then we'll be good friends. 
Watch This Space

Autumn. A time when leaves change color, the harvest of pumpkins are in full swing and the beginning of the end of my sanity as Winter approaches. But let's not dwell on that. I'd much rather shop!
Picked Up a Wee Bit of Fall Gear from H&M
I'm dragging myself patiently through Summer - but there's always something interesting I find when I'm not looking for anything to buy. Always happens that way doesn't it??
Totally DIG IT! Funky Head Gear - Urban Outfitters
Not to mention, nothing beats awesome socks!! They get me every single time.
..cute awesome socks with faces on them by the way!


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