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Cat Face Bags

Hey World!  Thought I'd share with you what came in the mail today from my wonderful friends in over in Hong Kong. 

The Cat Face Bag! 

The Cat Bag - The 3D tote bag,  purse or mini purse which contain the faces of some of the cutest furriest animals. This one is a huge trend over in Asia and I'm happy to be one of those animal loving people here in the States to get one. Yippie!

Cat Face Bag. 
What's New Pussycat!
Just Purr-Fect!
About these bags. They come in a variety of animal faces, so if cats aren't your thing there's a few pups and other mutts to choose from.
Visit @JapanPremiumBag - Instagram
Visit @JapanPremiumBag - Instagram
Visit @JapanPremiumBag - Instagram
You'll find luck ordering from Ebay or AliExpress if you want to get your "paws" on one of these bags.

My bag looks just like our  family cat Muffin! She sleeps a lot!


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