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A few weeks ago I got the chance to attend the Circle of Sisters Expo at the Javits Center.

It was a really great event. While there I ran into a really creative pair who own a company called The DynaSmiles.

DynaSmles by DNT

The DynaSmiles Stationery & Gifts Gives People of Color Something to Smile About 

DynaSmiles is awesome, diverse and creative! They make stationery, phone cases, apparel, and invitations for all occasions that reflect people of color. I fell in love with their phone cases immediately!

The DynaSmiles Stationery & Gifts offers a full range of beautiful paper products, fun tech accessories and apparel featuring the work of owner/illustrator Daveia Odoi. Significant to the brand are Daveia's lively and colorful character illustrations. These characters, known around here as "The DynaSmiles", are drawn with big, bright smiles to express the complete joy felt inside when celebrating life’s most precious & exciting moments.  

 To find out more about dynasmiles or to place an order, visit DynaSmiles.  
 Be Sure to Check out their blog: 
DynaSmiles Blog


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