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My First (and last) Pair of Air Jordans

I haven't been around much, but when you travel as much as I do sometimes it's hard to get a post in. I've been to Miami from New York to North Carolina and back to New York on Vacation and Thanksgiving Holiday. That's pretty fun but it's tiring.
But let's get down to this post shall we? It's about a very colorful pair of Jordan brand sneakers that I happened to like, when I very seldom wear sneakers these days.
I'm going to be honest. I don't know much about the Jordan brand and I'm not a fanatic when it comes to the weekly releases. As a matter of fact I was up in the air on whether or not I would buy these in the first place. A friend of mine urged me to buy them as she so eloquently stated they were so "me".

Tropical Teal - Nike.com
So here they are. The Tropical Teal Air Jordan 5. Apparently Nike - they've got all these different numbers and junk for Jordan sneakers. I 'm not going to keep up with them. These kicks are a Grade School exclusive color so if you have big feet this colorway wasn't made for you. Literally. In any case I lucked out on release day while in Miami and got an order in at Foot Locker dot com. I would assume the broken webpage syndrome happens every week when there is a "major" shoe release. 

EXPENSIVE ALERT: For a grade school sized shoe I'm not used to paying $119 and taxes! Although the colors are awesome, I don't see how people buy these things religiously every single week. Factor in a kid or two and the prices double. I think these will be my first and last pair of Jordans unless the amount miraculously drops to a more desired price point. But hey, I'm not knocking those who like to pay this much every week. More power to you and bless your wallet!

I love these. I hate the price.
But will I wear them???
I have a very bad habit of NOT wearing my sneakers. They're usually not my thing and I'll throw on a creeper or a boot quicker than a sneaker.  I am hoping that with these and given the price of the things I will at least make an attempt to wear them. Until next time world.



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