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Diary of a Mad Hipster Woman

Diary of a Mad Hipster Woman
Ok, so maybe I'm not mad, but now that we've officially dug our feet into 2014, I guess it's only right to mention how awesome these babies are.

Thank you Steve Madden. Not only do these boots make me feel a little tall, They are really jazzy with a touch of gold on the front. 


So I'm back in New York after another trip back home to the Carolina's for my beloved Grandfather's funeral. Been feeling a bit edgy and confused considering the amount of junk that's been happening. This can't be a mid life crisis, I'm not halfway there yet! But no one ever said life would be easy.

Which brings us to this post. Style? Fashion? Blog? There are just things I can live with ..and then there are some things I feel like I can't live without. Those things become an obsession and then I dream about having them. After that I wake up on a mission to get what I want.Ever been there?? Maybe that's called being spoiled?
A few notables to toss your way:

Forever 21 Superhero Collection - At this point I should mention I've already picked up a crop top. There is no way I could pass up on something this epic with MARVEL on it.

As ungodly as the Rihanna sweater below might seem to some, I love it! So I'll be adding it to my collection. I'll just have to hide it from the little ones. I think this will be perfect for my Saturday morning Starbucks coffee runs. You can buy this sweater over at Choies.
Rihanna F*** 
..and then there's a lights, camera, action clapper board bag. Find it over at Choies also!!!
Clapper Board Plastic Bag
Because at Freshtops their tops are fresh! ...and because you can buy the Limited Edition "Keep Smiling" Justin Bieber Crewneck:
Keep Smiling
What I look like in a crowded room.


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