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Welcome to Pennies Blog 2014!

Welcome to Pennies Blog 2014!

First things first. It's been a while. Hello to you. The sister has been extremely busy, and even though I'm very glad the Holiday season is over and done with, life and death happened. It hasn't been easy losing BOTH Grandparent's - my Grandfather just last week - within the span of an 8 month period, but they would want me to keep on going and doing what I enjoy. I know they're up above watching over me so I am A-OK.

I hope you are well. Cheers to you and a brand new year. Welcome to 2014 here at Pennies Blog. I'm looking forward to bringing a few new ideas to the page and possibly a new layout and that Facebook comment box plugin. Ermm. Stay Tuned.
It's Not Easy Being Gr.... Uh Nevermind.


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