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Still Life

It's been a while since I've Pennies posted. It has been still life here. I often pondered whether or not I wanted to keep this whole thing going, as life has been so busy and extremely hectic. I've hardly had time to think a happy thought. That's right Peter Pan.

But I also decided that Pennies is a huge part of me. I'll keep this thing going even if I'm late on a post or two every now and then.

A lot has been happening!!!! I finally got my Mercedes Benz Fashion Week credentials. At least going forward I'll be able to attend some of these awesome runway events. I even got a second place to kick it. I'll be jazzing the back yard up a bit. The world is still round, and even though I have had some really hard life decisions to make in the past few days I'm good.
Romwe White Heart Pattern Red Chiffon Shirt
I could use a serious vacation, but I'd much rather wait until Summer really kicks in.

I am also STILL in need of a photographer, So if you have some really super bad ass camera skills drop me a note. 


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