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Case of the Missing Blogger

Case of the Missing Blogger

In case you were wondering if I fell off a rock or quit this whole bloggy thing altogether, the answer is NO!

So I've been slacking. Primarily because of being super busy with projects NOT blog related, which has been my life story lately. Somewhere along those lines I'd like to throw in some gym time, maybe some baby time (cue the speculation), me time, vacation time! 
Oh, Hai
But life is a one day at a time sort of thing. Roll with the punches (maybe several). I'm pondering an entirely new blog layout. Not sure what direction I want to go in but it'll pop in my head sooner rather than later.

...and at some point in life I'll hire a real photographer to follow me around on some of these journeys so I won't have to look so full of myself in Urban Outfitters.
...I do though... :/

My goal lately has been kind of funny in an attempt to buy as many ballerina flats for my 9 year old as I can for the Summer. I didn't realize the kid liked them so much, but seeing as how her first pair are worn to the ground that would be a clear indication! She has taken on a love for ballerina flats with the cutesy animal faces, so I managed to grab these cuties over at H&M. 
Girl's Ballerina Flats I  Picked Up - H&M
A few of the styles from H&M!

Over at The Children's Place, Flip Flops were $1 today only (bummer) in store for both Boys and Girls. I couldn't resist that bargain!
$1 Flip Flop Sale - The Children's Place
Last but not least, if you haven't noticed I am a sucker for floral print's then YOU'VE fell off a rock, and Forever 21 has been the mecca of floral. Check out their plethora of prints.
Floral Shorts
Floral Jumper
Floral Dress
Floral Leggings

Currently in search of a new pair of shades...... 
Thanks for stopping by! - PenniesBlog


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