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Happy Feet or Let's Just Boogie

Long time no see! No really, it's been a long time and I really really miss you! In fact, this blog title is called Happy Feet for more than one reason. We will break that down in a few.
A sister has been quite busy as of late and working on a thousand projects at once and as a Mom you never sleep. I can't believe Bee will be 10 soon. Where does the time go?? The kid is starting to ask for more tech toys for Christmas than I could imagine.  But In my dream world of tech perfection I'm also working on an entirely new layout for the blog which is taking some time. Guess I've ben MIA for a while.

It's been a long few months, weeks, days and right now I'm kicking my feet up with.. wait what?? THEY'RE SLIPPERS...SNEAKERS??? They're Happy Feet slippers. They are the most awesome slippers I've ever had aside from the classic 80's character getups. 

Better go buy them over here.

Happy Feet Slippers are so cool!

Eye See You

My eye appointment didn't go as well as I'd hoped on Saturday. Turns out I've got Convergence Insufficiency.  Like what!!?? Apparently my eyes don't work together when I'm trying to focus on things that are up close. I'm currently waiting on my glasses. They'll have prisms and anti glare coating so there goes my opto life.

Let's Boogie

But enough about that. What a day today will be!!!!! I'll be attending The Big Toy Book's Holiday of Play event and I can no longer contain my excitement.  Stay tuned because you'll see some really awesome stuff and toys galore here after the event. Remember to follow me on Instagram and Twitter and search the hashtag #HotToys14 throughout the day today!!! 

These wonderful sponsors will be in the house!


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