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"Lilly Pulitzer for Target" Causes Frenzy

Ready, Set, Shop

By Admin R  |  April 19, 2015  - - 10:00 EST  | Topic: Style & Fashion

This morning's Target run was supposed to be a breeze.  The goal was to grab a couple of essential items I had jotted down on a wrinkled piece of paper the night before and be on my merry way.  I had a full day planned.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by hysteria and a massive line of avid shoppers.  Guess I missed the memo this morning.  I had no idea I just walked into what would soon become the madness of the "Lilly Pulitzer for Target" release.

I had not been familiar with Lilly Pulitzer until today.  I’d seen a few whimsical patterns here and there and thought they were cute and Summery.  Nothing to really write home about.  However here I am, writing home about it.  Funny how life works.

General customers were not permitted in to shop, much to my disapproval after being told we had to stand in the same line as the lunatics customers waiting to grab anything form the collection they could as soon as the doors opened.

I made the executive decision to wait it out primarily because the closest Target was in another borough. After a couple of minutes, I watched the frenzy take place as the doors opened. Customers dashed into the store on a mission and I dared not get in their way or appear as if I were trying to cut the line.

The bad news:  Targets site also crashed.

My presumption is the powers that be at Target were not anticipating the load on their online servers as well as the massive in-store turnout.  I lucked out online and managed to purchase a pair of the espadrilles for my daughter which made the trip to Target worth while and the hassle of getting through the madness seem bearable.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Girls' Espadrilles - Nosie Posey

In less than 20 minutes, the racks were wiped clean.  I learned a valuable lesson this day - never underestimate the power of a designer release. 

Perhaps not being caught up in an oh-so materialistic world is a good thing.


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